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Other special shape stainless steelwork

Hyperbolic Stainless Steel Facade and Cladding

The cloud architectural sculpture is located in Shenzhen contemporary art museum and urban planning exhibition hall. The stand height is 28 meters(82ft), and width is 40 meters (131ft), all surface assembled by stainless steel plate, welding together and then with seamless treatment. The final surface showing a whole piece effect and with finish mirror reflection. The surface stainless steel plate what we used is 304 grade with thickness 3-5mm, and interior with building structure.

                                       Museum of Contemporary Art & Planning Exhibition (MOCAPE), Shenzhen, China / © COOP HIMMELB(L)AU

The dual curved(hyperbolic) shape of the surface breaks the horizontal, vertical, and symmetrical laws in the sense of traditional architecture, showing distortion, flipping, and certain asymmetry. This series of design and production requires sophisticated technology and experience.

                                       Museum of Contemporary Art & Planning Exhibition (MOCAPE), Shenzhen, China / © COOP HIMMELB(L)AU

This mirror smooth curving stainless steel facade and cladding is more like a architectural sculpture. It is designed by Coop Himmelblau who was founded in 1968 by Wolf de Pricks (born in Vienna in 1942) and Hemet Słitzky (born in 1944 in Poland) in Vienna, Austria. In the field of modern architecture, the Coop Himmelblau is a pioneer in deconstruction. Although today's deconstructed architecture is well known to the world, the works that fully embody this title are rare.

Architecture is not only related to art, but also a carrier of city and history. And every city planner has the responsibility to leave the architectural style of important historical stage in the history of the city.

                                       Museum of Contemporary Art & Planning Exhibition (MOCAPE), Shenzhen, China / © COOP HIMMELB(L)AU

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Sino sculpture group worked with architect for many years, we are specialized in architectural metalwork and artistic facade in special shape.(C curved, S curve, hyperboloid shape , changeable fluid shape etc. metal cladding tiles.Architectural fracture, metalwork,decorative stainless steel shell, stainless steel bar counter, stainless steel interior decoration items Stainless steel furniture,seat, custom made signage system.

New facading work in progressing , the size is much bigger than Chicargo Cloud gate by Arnish Kapoor 

technical analysis  and soltuion 

Processing now . finished sooner  .
Exchange the idea with architect, our factory can realized the architectural metalwork with their expectation.Special shape facade is our advantage, as we have more than 15 years experience for those type of work,our factory have a excellent team for special shape stainless steel work fabrication. we done many stainless steel facade for contemporary urban design . 

Photo : Mirror polishing c curve stainless steel wall curtain facade 2015  copyright Sino sculptures 

Photo : Lacquered printed architectural landscape artistic facade wall  2010  copyright Sino sculptures 
We accept the 3 D design and have own team to provide the solution for each stainless steel metal work, facade,
 signage system, our company use the forging method to produce the stainless steel work with high precision
 and also finish it with mirror polishing when necessary , color printing 


Photo :   Architectural metal work award from  The american society of landscape architects , shanghai Park .work fabricated by sino sculpture  2012 . 

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