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Large Metal Sculpture
Large Metal Sculpture

Custom large metal sculpture
Large metal metal sculpture
Large metal structure sculpture

Metal :  Steel, Stainless steel, mild steel, copper ,brass,bronze, aluminum  etc.

Sino sculpture Co focus on high quality alloy metal sculptures fabrication for more than 20 years.

Our factory has abundant experience at large metal art sculpture casting and forged fabrication and engineering.  We made more than 100 pieces of the metal sculpture in the past 10 years; most of them are national project and artist work. Large metal sculptures and monument mainly.

Our team has been overcome and improved many industry difficulties at metal sculptures fabrication and installation.

Sino sculpture Co is cooperated with many artist, sculptor, builder, architect, enterprise for various type of metal sculpture. , thought our dedicated co work, finally make the dream design come truth.

  • 3D Mold creation technology supporting at design and presentation
  • Fabricated the metal sculpture form artist‘s design or architecture requirement.
  • Give the engineering consultation before the metal sculpture fabrication section.
  • Large metal sculpture fabrication, installation experience ensures the project come on perfect and safe.
  • Material: 304, 316 grade stainless steel, mild steel, corten steel, bronze, brass aluminum and other metal which available to used.

Recent performance
2014    20 m height rust steel sculpture shape museum    at Xinjiang province
2014    50 m length large stainless steel sculpture for Nanjing station
2014    21 pieces of large contemporary metal sculptures made for Qingdao garden expo. (Stainless steel, corten steel, mild steel etc)
2010    68 m length   Rust Steel corridor for shanghai chenshan park, we got award from BALI National Landscape. And   award from American Society of Landscape Architects.

Beijing Sino Sculpture Landscape Engineering Co.,Ltd is a large metal sculpture manufacturer from China, we have our own large metal sculpture factory. Our manufacturing team had more than 15 years metal sculpture processing experience, take part in more than 100 projects over the world.


Cloud Stainless Steel Mirroring Sculpture
Curved Steel Structure Sculpture, Rust Steel Punk For Quarry Garden In Shanghai Botanical Garden
Stainless steel sculpture with lacquer coated
Perforated stainless steel sculpture with white painted
Carbon steel sculpture with painted coated
Large Outdoor Corten Steel Sculpture Facade
Red Color Paint City Decoration Metal Sculpture
Modern Urban Metal Sculpture
Stainles Steel Metal Sculpture
Metal Deer Sculpture
Large Metal Finish Sculpture, Steel Fish Urban Sculpture For Public Art Sculpture Fabrication Factory In Beijing
Large Metal Urban Sculpture, Corten Steel Art Sculpture, Metal Sculpture Museum